Ideas And Opinions

What is inflation? Our Chief Economist explains

Figure's Chief Economist, Mike Dooley, shares his thoughts on the Fed, inflation, and where interest rates are going.

Planning For The Future

4 ways to use your empty nest to pad your nest egg

Four ideas, each with a different time and financial commitment, for turning your empty nest into a healthy nest egg.

Using Home Equity

7 ways your home can help with your finances

If you’re like most American families, your home makes up the predominant slice of your household wealth. Do you know all the ways you can be using it?

Ideas And Opinions

Chief Economist Outlook: Trump’s proposed budget, the deficit, and mortgage rates

A short note from our Chief Economist on deficits in general and their likely influence on mortgage rates in coming years.

Ideas And Opinions

Financial literacy – what is it and why does it matter?

April is Financial Literacy Month, making it a great time to check in on the topics you should know to make the most of your money.

Ideas And Opinions

The 2019 Homeowner Agenda

In a recent study of homeowners by Figure, it seems most will be investing in their homes this year. Find out why and what rooms they plan on tackling.

Ideas And Opinions

Chief Economist Outlook: Housing prices will continue to rise

The main driver of the housing market this year will be the U.S. inflation rate. If it stays low, as I expect, housing values will continue growing.

Home Improvement

Love it or leave it - Figure's 2019 Homeowner Remodeling Survey

Home Equity Basics

3 reasons now may be a good time to tap into your home equity

If you've ever considered tapping into your home equity, the current economy and real estate market may have created the perfect time to do that. See why

Using Home Equity

Cash-out refinances: What you don’t know can hurt you financially

For many, a cash-out refi can appear to be the best option because rates are fixed and seem lower than other equity-out options. However, if you actually dive into the numbers, there are big reasons to not give up a low, fixed-rate mortgage to cash out equity.